Kids(Splash Academy) and Teens(Entourage) Activities

Your Kids will have a blast at NCL's complimentary youth program, where they can enjoy creative play, sports, and more. From themed activities to parties, NCL's youth staff has a knack for this stuff. Or drop off the kids during supervised Group Sitting(Fee applies)  or in the evening and make an night out,.

TURTLES(Ages 3 - 5) :   Arts & Crafts, Painting    Circus Workshops:(Tiger Act, Feather Balancing ,         Development Activities

SEALS(AGES 6-9):         Circus Workshops(Scarf Juggling, Plate Spinning, Devil Sticks, spinning ropes), Games, Painting, Sports & Family Activites, Team Building Challanges, Treasure Hunts, Video Games

DOLPHINS (AGES 10-12): Arts & Crafts, Circus Workshops (Stilts, ball juggling, Chinese yo-yo, plate spinning), Scavenger Hunts, Sports, Team-Building Challenges and Video Games & Challenges


AGES 13 - 14  &   15-17: Teenages are able to hang out in a place filled with Video Games, movies, arts & Crafts, music , sports and people their own age. From the coolest lounge at sea to the hippest dance clun at night, there's always something going on at NCL's complimentary teen Centers